The Star of David, or Mogen David consists of two interlocking triangles. It has been written that the top triangle strives upward, toward God, while the lower triangle strives downward, toward the real world. The intertwining makes the triangles inseparable, like the Jewish people.

The bark like texture of the star recalls the Tree of Life, frequently seen in Jewish folk art, brings together nature and wisdom to enhance the spiritual experience.

Star Of David Necklace

Star Of David Necklace

Modeled by Rebecca Nightinglale
Material: Solid Sterling Silver Star and Chain, Hallmarked
Size: Chain: 15″
Star: 7/8″ x 1/16″

Price: $90.00

All items are enclosed in 100% boiled wool keeps. A gift box with a sterling silver FJ button and gift card are included.

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