Jewish Ritual Items with a Story

We transform seemingly ordinary materials into rich pieces of heritage.

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Seder Plate

Seder Plate, copper and sterling silver


Bears in Tree Torah Pointer, sterling silver


Richard Wessner, Head Designer


Hadass's Squirrel Mezuzah, cast bronze

“Forgotten Judaica evolved from our neshoma, our spiritual soul. With this collection, we have crystallized our love and enjoyment of Jewish life and its rituals. We dedicate this journey to our mother and father, Hilda and Abe Morrison, who show us the way.”

Lisa Van Allsburg Laura M Babai David Morrison

The Morrisons Signature


Chris Van Allsberg, Head Designer

I was so happy to discover your collection. The attention to design and craftsmanship is reminiscent of the best in our family heirlooms. Your pieces evoke the pride I feel for my Jewish heritage.Thank you so much for the bronze Branch Mezuzah. It gives me great pleasure with each coming and going.

I might add, your tantalizing website is more than a store, it is a kind of Judaica candy shop. Thank you for all the pleasure your collection has brought to me and my family. I will be back!

- Terry Taffer, New York City


Abraham's Ram in the Bramble,
sterling silver