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The Fish Tallit Clips


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These sterling silver Tallit clips, designed by Lisa Van Allsburg and Rebecca Nightingale, elegantly hold the Tallit in place as it wraps around the shoulders. They make a meaningful Bar or Bat Mitzvah gift, remaining cherished items well into adulthood. The clips can also be ordered as sweater clips with pin backs.

Each clip is carved in wax before being cast in sterling silver and adorned with a cultured pearl embedded in a sterling silver coral branch. In Jewish tradition, fish are believed to be immune to the evil eye and are a symbol of fertility.

Many recite a blessing before eating fish, “May it be your will, our God and God of our fathers, that we increase and multiply.” Another favorite saying is, “May we be as a head, not as a tail.”

All items are enclosed in 100% boiled wool keeps. A gift box with a sterling silver FJ button and card are included.

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Solid Sterling Silver and cultured pearl and Sterling findings


6 7/8″ L

“As the breath of the craftsman, so the shape of the vessel.”

—Zohar Beshalach