The Forgotten Judaica web site is truly a labor of love. I have had the good fortune to work with a small team of original thinkers with tremendous creative gusto and technical knowhow.

Creative Direction & Design by Gilbert Design Associates, Inc.

Joe Gilbert, of Gilbert Design Associates encouraged me to follow my instincts with my writing—to really express the emotional content that accompanies each piece. His concept for the site, design work and still photography enhanced the words and made the site, as one customer said, “a joy to peruse.” “Thank you for this beautiful journey,” said another.

Not only do I treasure his thinking and original approach in design, but I hold dear his old world wisdom spiked with humor. Sui Generis.

Joe continues to add his ideas to this site and carefully nurtures our visual identity in packaging and beautiful print ads. I wouldn’t take an artful step without him.

Video Production & Post-Production by Animal

Josh Backer, of Animal Video Production brought his special talents to spin a truly wonderful story in video. Josh has a way of capturing the spirit and essence of the subject. After 24 hours of lighting and shooting time, and double that to edit the 4 minute piece with music, I sat back and saw all the pieces magically come together. I simply said to him, “it works!”

Josh is a true artist.

I have to keep reminding myself that Forgotten Judaica is a business. The initial work of writing a business plan and the tedious but necessary paperwork that had to be filed was all made easier and completed (in no time) with the assistance and coaching of Sherri Carrera.

Ms. Carrera found us any business resources we needed. Always thinking ahead, she located a sympathetic lawyer, with reasonable fees, who specialized in copyrights and trademarks, quite important to a new business working with original designs. She was there from my first visit with her when I said, “I have this idea for a web business,” to our launch day. Many thanks, Sherri.

Sherri Carrera
Manager of Small Business Services
Every Company Counts RI Economic Development Corporation

To Susan Boer and Timothy Dukes — I cherish the time you gave to editing my text, words added and words taken away. I couldn’t lift a sack with all the commas you took out. I wanted to hug your blurry eyeballs, but how could I get my arms around them?


– Lisa Van Allsburg