Both thematically and artistically, this admirable rug portrays some of the key events in Jewish history. Three niches frame a view as if from a porch or multiple window, thus creating a deeper perspective. Almost sublimely we see the crown of the Torah in the double arch niche which in itself outlines the Tablets of the Law.

The Art Nouveau columns, arches, and spandrels are an effective contrast to the impressive fundamentality of the scenery and its strong color composition. Further subtlety is to be found in the columns, each with a Star of David at the base, and each reminiscent of a typical nineteenth century Polish Sabbath candlestick.

In the right panel is the tamerisk tree which Abraham planted in Beersheva and “called there on the name of the Lord” (Genesis 21:33).

In the central panel we see Mount Sinai where the Ten Commandments were revealed to Moses. In the left panel is Herzl’s tree, in fact a cedar that is often drawn as an evergreen cyprus. The scenes are set against the same barren desert background, the place of spiritual rebirth and rejuvenation of the Jewish people.

Mt. Sinai Carpet

Mt. Sinai

Material: Handspun, Naturally Dyed Wool
Size: 3’3″ x 1’9″

Price: Please call for pricing and availability.

All items are enclosed in 100% boiled wool keeps. A gift box with a sterling silver FJ button and gift card are included.

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