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Menorah Carpet

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The Menorah, supreme symbol of Judaism, first revealed to Moses (Exodus 25:31-8; 37:17-24) illuminated both the Tabernacle during the Israelites wandering in the desert, and the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem.

In this fine carpet, the Menorah spans the entire central field in an original Art Nouveau form with rows of small menorot in alternating colors climbing up in a complementary manner under two arches.

Stars of David, mostly encircled by hexafoil petals containing the word ‘Zion’ decorate the elaborate base, and similar Stars of David make up the final knobs on the seven branches of the candelabrum, with ‘Zion’ again appearing between the branches.

The Tablets of the Law, in traditional outline, appear both in the structuring of the main field and in the shaft of the central Menorah; the borders display laterally stitched Stars of David enclosing the words ‘Zion’, ‘Jerusalem’ and ‘Betzalel’.

This beautiful carpet, rich and precise in its imaging, is a masterpiece of Bezalel ingenuity and design.

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Handspun, Naturally Dyed Wool


3’6″ x 5′

“As the breath of the craftsman, so the shape of the vessel.”

—Zohar Beshalach