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The Chanukah Chair Menorah


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by Richard Wessner

The Menorah is the most celebrated of artisan-made Judaica. In our travels we have seen many versions of the chair Menorah. In the last century, children often made these sets in soft white metals, like pewter and tin.

Designed by Rick Wessner, our Chanukah Chair Menorah gives a nod to Biedermeier, the great Viennese design house. Cast in bronze, the timeless metal, it will endure from generation to generation. Children will have fun arranging the eight chairs and the Shamus in a circle, in rows, or however they wish.

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Cast in Timeless Bronze


2 3/4″ H x 1 1/2″ W x1 1/2″ L

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“As the breath of the craftsman, so the shape of the vessel.”

—Zohar Beshalach