“I shall never forget Shabbat in my town. When I shall have forgotten everything else, my memory will still retain the atmosphere of holiday, of serenity pervading even the poorest houses; the white tablecloth, the candles, the meticulously combed little girls, the men on their way to the synagogue.”

Elie Wiesel

After the candles are lit, the Kiddush blessing is said over wine sipped from any cup, but it is customary to use a special ceremonial cup or goblet. The words of the Kiddush blessing sanctify the six days of creation. Jewish wisdom tells us, “for God’s resting on the seventh day, he gave the world a soul.”

Vined Shabbat Kiddush Cup
Production by TAKI Silversmith
Sterling Silver With Applied Vine Work
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Yom Tov Shabbat Kiddush Cup
by Nancy Blum
Craftsperson: Heath Bultman
Carved Porcelain
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