“And then one day we had Passover at the Hotel Forum and we invited the whole cast and crew to come. The Israeli actors all came in and sat around me with the Haggadahs, and then all the German actors playing the Germans came in. And the Israeli actors took the German actors and shared their Haggadahs with them; they took them through the entire Seder.


I sat at the head of the table and I just cried like a baby… I was wrecked by that… The fact that the German actors took it upon themselves to come to a Seder and sit with the Israeli actors and learn about the holiday was an epiphany for me. ”

Steven Spielberg, recalling a Passover Seder during the filming of Schindler’s List

No other holiday expresses the entirety of the Jewish experience, past, present, and future, as does Passover. Each step in the Seder brings into focus the wonderful story of redemption and freedom, and a promise for the future. The Passover Seder plate and its symbols are the source of discussion for the entire ceremonial meal. From childhood through old age, we cherish each explanation.

Passover Seder Plate
by Rick Wessner Rebecca Nightingale Tamra Mottl
Copper and Sterling Silver or Copper and Nickel ($625.00)
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Porcelain Plate
by Nancy Blum
Craftsperson: Heath Bultman
Carved Porcelain
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