Forgotten Judaica recalls a time when craftsmen embellished Jewish ceremonial objects with leaves and vines, pomegranates and sunflowers, rams and squirrels. A time when pulling the beholder back to an age that recalls heroes and miracles, while providing a keen sense of protection and satisfaction.   more>>

``I was so happy to discover your collection. The attention to design and craftsmanship is reminiscent of the best in our family heirlooms. Your pieces evoke the pride I feel for my Jewish heritage.

Thank you so much for the bronze Branch Mezuzah. It gives me great pleasure with each coming and going.

I might add, your tantalizing website is more then a store, it is a kind of Judaica candy shop. Thank you for all the pleasure your collection has brought to me and my family. I will be back!``

— Terry Taffer, New York City

“As the breath of the craftsman, so the shape of the vessel.”

—Zohar Beshalach

Experience the Richness of the Jewish Culture With Jewish Ritual Items

With a heritage dating back thousands of years, Jewish culture is steeped in tradition. Nowhere is this more evident than in the handicraft of the craftsmen who created Jewish Ritual objects. From the Chanukah menorah that celebrates the Festival of Lights to the Seder Plate that serves as a central part of the Passover meal, each item at Forgotten Judaica is crafted with the same dedication to continuing the story of the Jewish faith.

Items That Tell the Story of the Jewish Faith

The objects at Forgotten Judaica hearken back to a time when objects were more than functional pieces, but an important part of the cultural narrative. The Seder plate, for example, is embellished with symbols that relate to each portion of the Seder meal. This hand-hammered plate is inspired by copper Passover plates found in Syria and Persia, as well as the hand-applique techniques from the English Gorham tradition. This blending of artistry creates a unique piece that still fully reflects the story telling nature of this special holiday.

The items you’ll find on this site are all created with same level of craftsmanship and care, and make excellent gifts for friends and family. The high quality of each product ensures that any item you choose, whether it’s a Chanukah menorah or a Passover Sedar plate can serve not only today, but as a treasured family heirloom. All items are enclosed in 100% boiled wool keeps and packaged in a gift box with a sterling silver FJ button. From the moment your recipient receives the gift, they will be transported to a time where heroes and miracles provided a much needed sense of protection and security.

Old-World Craftsmanship in Chanukah Menorahs, Seder Plates and More

To get a glimpse into the craftsmanship that goes into each item at Forgotten Judaica, have a look at the video that gives you a peek into the process that transforms seemingly ordinary materials into rich pieces of heritage. From the Tzedakah box, which reminds us to be charitable and loving, to the Torah pointer, which guides us in the reading of the Torah, each item helps cement the solemnity and honor of Jewish tradition, and serves as a reminder of the values and virtues of the Jewish faith.

If you are looking for Judaica that will be treasured for generations to come and that is crafted in the tradition of ancient craftsmen, visit From Bar and Bat Mitzvah gives to Chanukah menorahs, you’ll find a beautiful range of exquisite items, each with its own unique story.