Forgotten Judaica

The Art

We work with a small design team of artists and sculptors: Nancy Blum, Moshe D'Vash, Elyse Hradecky, Tamra Mottl, Mathew Metz, Nadav Studio, Rebecca Nightingale, TAKI Silversmiths, Chris Van Allsburg and Richard Wessner. Collectively they bring generations of experience in design, sculpture and classical ornamentation to silversmithing, ceramics and textiles. Their methodical practice and attention to detail pays homage to the artisans whose work inspired the creation of this collection.

Our substantial metal pieces are produced through the ancient lost wax process and traditional fabrication methods. Our design team works in copper, bronze and sterling silver. Our mold and wax maker and casters come to the project with a lifetime of experience and know-how. The value of old world craftsmanship is reflected in their fine work. This is our trademark.

These ritual objects are handled with creativity, skill and patience. From design to finish, one hand to the next, each piece is finally checked, wrapped in a wool roll-up and sent off to you.